I Love Computers…Not

I pout whenever I see Further without her mast, but that will be coming to an end very soon…

Hi, Folks. Long time, no see.

I spent some time today aboard Further and came here to get this silly blog up-and-running again after a winter of sailing inactivity. I resurrected my personal, navel-gazing site yesterday after a similarly inactive personal stretch and thought it was time to do the same here.

But I also had thought that over the winter the photographs I’d been posting to Further‘s Instagram account were displaying on the photos page here, but when I logged in a few minutes ago I found that wasn’t the case (I blame that schmuck Zuckerberg, just cuz I can…).  And that’s a shame because the dozen or shots I posted told the story of what was going on with Further over the past six or seven months. The boat’s had an eventful (if immobile) period, actually, unlike yours truly.

After some fun ‘n’ games with the various apps involved (grrr…), I’ve rectified the Instagram SNAFU and the photos page is working once again (knock on wood). So I’ll do a recap post later tonight or, more likely, tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s a shot of Further on the hard in Annapolis looking a little forlorn without her mast. But soon…