On The Hard

Golden sunshine on a cold December morning.

A friend and teammate at the yacht brokerage in Annapolis sent me some photos of Further in her winter home on the hard in Maryland. She looks good (to me anyway) in her winter attire, if a bit forlorn at being out of the water. The shrink-wrap job looks good, too, so that will help her weather the weather, so to speak.

Who knew the elf was a sailor?!

All things considered, it made me feel very relieved to get these photos. Sad, yes, which I’ve already documented. But I feel good knowing that my baby is safe and sound for the coming months, and that I won’t have to worry (as much) about her while I’m up here in New England battling the elements and figuring out what’s next for us both. That relief makes me realize I made the right decision.


Thanks to Susan Meredith for the photos. Check out her bio…Susan knows boats. If you’re looking to buy or sell a boat in the mid-Atlantic region, drop her a line at: susanm@sjyachts.com or call her at 443-995-0906.

That’s “Mr. Smith” to you…