A (Very) Brief Sojourn

Port side as we head out Back Creek so we’re looking northeast. You can see the Bay Bridge in the distance.

Today being President’s Day meant a day off from work. And since it’s a weekday, that meant the fuel dock at Annapolis Landing Marina was open (even on a holiday; I called ahead to check). Even in this very mild winter, several months of living aboard and running my forced-air heater meant my diesel tank was down to fumes. It was time to fill up.

And even though the price of diesel is obscene right now, I was glad to be putting some new fuel in my tank. I took on the diesel I’ve been using back before the pandemic so it was getting kinda manky––so much so that I had it cleaned in October. And even though Clean Fuels said the diesel was in good shape I still had to put a new filter on the line that comes out of the tank and feeds the Espar when there was still gunk in the fuel that clogged up the heater. So, new diesel on board was going to make me feel better.

ALM is just across Back Creek from where Further is spending this winter at Butler’s Marina so it was a quick motor. There was also zero wind (in stark contrast to the gale that blew through yesterday) so maneuvering was a piece of cake––something I was worried about given I had driven the damned boat in eons. But with all due modesty, I handled Further pretty well, if I do say so myself.

That’s not to say there weren’t issues.

It took a while to get out of my slip when the transmission wouldn’t work properly. This has happened before but every time a mechanic looks at it they can’t replicate the problem. I would put the engine into gear and…nothing. I got so perplexed that I had secured Further back into her slip thinking I wasn’t going anywhere when, on a final try, the damned thing went into gear. Knock on wood, there weren’t any more problems but it’s something I have to get addressed at some point. Or address myself, though that might be beyond my pay grade.

Annnnd…yup, that there lifeline is missing, courtesy of Further’s fat-@$$ed captain leaning on it too heavily at the fuel dock. Whoops!

Upon arrival at the fuel dock I was leaning on the lifeline to catch a stern line thrown by the guy on the dock when the damned lifeline broke. I almost went for a swim but fortunately was able to catch myself. But still, replacing the lifelines is on my to-do list for this spring…well, that timing may have just moved up to “now.”

Finally, after filling up Futher‘s diesel tank, I decided to poke my head out of Back Creek, just for a quick look-see. Thing is, as I mentioned, there wasn’t any wind so going for a sail wasn’t really worthwhile. And as I knew before I started, sitting idle in the gag-inducing water of Back Creek for the better part of a year meant that Further‘s bottom was naaaaaasty. Motoring a bit cleaned some of the gunk off but not much, so our speed never got to where it normally would be given a certain RPM level. Another task for the to-do list.

BUT…I still got to see the Chesapeake from someplace other than land. And I got to feel Further move through the water, albeit under power and slowly. And it felt good. So good that it’s going to happen much more frequently in the coming days and weeks. And then, in spring…well, that’s for another post, so stay tuned.

P.S.: Further and I have extensive plans for 2023 and I’ll let you know about them in the coming days. But I’ve begun putting some events––right now, just concerts I’ll be attending with friends this summer––into the calendar on this site so that’s a good reminder that when things get up and running, that calendar will be a place for you to keep tabs on where we’re gonna be…AND, if you are so inclined, enable you to get in on the action by signing on. More details on that to come but just a quick heads-up for now. So check out the schedule!