Blast from the Past

How cool is this? Friends Jen and Lee Maynard just alerted me to this YouTube video they shot back on Saturday, January 27, 2018 — a bit shy of four years and four months ago. The occasion is Further‘s renaming ceremony, which went off without a hitch, as you can see here. I mean: it’s January and I’m wearing shorts!

A bunch of friends came by, the rain held off, and with my friend slipmate Renee McMillan-Cox’s help (her former boat, Sunday Kinda Love, is visible to Further‘s port when the camera looks out toward the water/bow), we pulled off a by-the-book ceremony. I had Annapolis Smokehouse cater the event and between the rum, wine and champagne that were called for — and then all the beer around the fire pit later that evening — I woke up on Sunday with a whopping hangover. But it was SO worth it: a truly great time with great friends and, knock on wood, the appropriate gods were appeased in the process.

One thing missing from the video is me explaining the source of Further‘s name, but I’ll save that for a later post…

Thanks for the video, Jen and Lee!