Hold That Thought

Remember last night when I told you about how I’d been talked off the ledge regarding the keel-bolt issue? Well, the company called me this morning to let me know that they’re scheduling for…June! Oh, and the boat will need to be hauled out to do the work. Where’s the face-palm emoji when I need it? 🤦‍♂️ Ahh…there it is!

I told the office person who called me that I understood the scheduling issue — it is the busy time of year for marine companies, after all — but that the tech had led me to believe it was a quick job and that a haulout was not required. Hell, he’d told me that he’d find out if he was coming back later that afternoon or the next day to do the work. She was going to check with the tech again to make sure he wasn’t confusing boats (they see a lot of boats each day, don’t you know) and get back to me.

Heading out to the ledge again…

Well, I also spoke with the sailmaker this morning and I’m going to pick up the new genoa the next time I’m in Annapolis. He offered to bring it down here to Deale but I’ll just stash it in my storage unit in Naptown until I know what’s going on with the boat here.

And now I’m just waiting on the other company to phone me that the gaskets for the engine-water strainer have arrived…at which point I’ll hope they’re the right ones.

UPDATE: The gaskets were not in this morning’s delivery. Hoping for tomorrow.